The Discovery Of Protein Synthesis, Dna Replication And Respiration

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I have always found enjoyment in discovering obscure and unusual facts about the body, then going onto tell others about my discovery. For this reason, biology has always had a magnetic effect on me. I find it incredible how life is in essence just a combination of molecules which then come together to create another more complex molecule, and so on, eventually leading to an organism as complex as the human body.
Studying biology to A2-Level, I have been introduced to biological processes which I had previously not heard of. I believe my desire to study biology is driven by a desire to learn more about the unknown. I find the process of protein synthesis, DNA replication and respiration to be captivating to say the least. The discovery of how pathogens transfer anti-biotic resistance genes between each other, not just by replication, but by horizontal gene transmission intensifies my desire to study biology.
I am currently in the early stages of my EPQ, having decided to set the question of my dissertation to be “Is the use of genetic manipulation in human embryos ethical?” The research project requires me to look into both sides of the argument for and against the development and usage of the technology and the possible social effects it could have. I find ethical debates over medical procedures, including cloning and genetic manipulation, to be thought provoking and relevant to society.
When I first discovered how to use genetic Punnett squares at GCSE level, I was…

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