The Discovery Of Mars On Mars Essay

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NASA is one of the biggest Space programs in the world, and lead most space missions and discoveries.
Recently they have intensified their research about water on Mars, as they are looking to find the presence of life on a new planet.
Many discoveries have been made allowing them to strongly believe that Mars contains water and might still contain it.
They still need to do a lot of research to confirm their interpretations and research as some of their arguments can be explained by other reasons then water.


A recent research by Nasa has comes to prove the presence of water on Mars.
Mars is one of the 8 planets of the solar system that the Earth belongs to, in fact Mars is the planet right after earth making it slightly further to the sun.
First of all we should know some of the properties Mars has, such as the fact that all the components in the Earths atmosphere are also in the Mars atmosphere with some water vapour as well as Nitric oxide, but the quantities are quite different. The length of days are very similar even though Mars’s days are 30 minutes longer and a year in Mars is equal to 687 days, almost the double of the earth which is explained by the fact that it is further to the sun.
Their polar caps are both covered of water and ice, but Mars also has carbon dioxide ice.
The tilt of their axis is also very similar with Mars being 25 degrees and earth being 23.45 degrees.
Finally both planets at least have a…

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