Essay about The Discovery Of Genetic Material And Not Protein

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Virus store and use information, vary in their composition, consist of complex parts with emergent properties, and they are capable of change. A bacteriophage is a type of virus that attacks only bacteria. Bacterial is a chromosome structure that is circular with small amounts of protein. A plasmid is a circular DNA molecule in bacteria. Griffith 1928 experiment was an experiment that concluded there was a transforming principle in bacterial genetics that was more likely DNA. Avery, McCarthy, McLeod (1944) experiment was an experiment that discovered DNA as the transforming factor which led to the discovery that genes are made of DNA. Hershey & Chase (1952) experiment was a follow up of the Avery, McCarthy, McLeod experiment that finally proved that DNA was the genetic material and not protein. Chargaff’s rule stated base content of A,T and of G,C are the same in a species. Watson and Crick Model (1953) was the discovery of the structure of DNA to be a double-helix. DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid and has two antiparallel strands that are bonded together by hydrogen bonds and form the double-helix structure. There are three types of bonds in DNA, covalent, hydrogen, and phosphodiester bonds. Covalent bonds occur along the strands, Hydrogen bonds between the strands, and Phosphodiester bonds are between sugars and phosphates. Purine and pyrimidine are the two base structures along the strands of DNA and for DNA to operate correctly, they must be paired with one another and not…

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