The Discovery Of Ancient Art Essay

1355 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
Art has been a vital part of history dating back thousands of years. It has been found on simple objects, such as bowls, to elaborate ceremonial pieces. Rulers used art as a way of dominating the people they ruled over. Large palaces decorated with gold, and jewels that seemed to reach the heavens gave the ruler the illusion of being closer to the gods. Which aided in controlling their people. Art has never been just a visual object. Instead, it has been something to differentiate the classes in society, and represent the strong ties to religion. Also, it has been a way to pass down stories, and preserve history. People have been creating impressive works of art that continue to question the way we think about how others, who came before, lived, fought, worshipped, and sustained themselves. The discovery of ancient art, from many different cultures, has been a vital part in understanding, and answering these questions. Ancient Egypt is one culture that is widely known for their amazing technologies, and astonishing works of art. What ever they created was not only used for current life, but also went with them to the next. The people of Ancient Egypt strongly believed in the afterlife, and what they possessed in their earthly life would be brought into the next. Because of this belief the items buried with the dead were extremely important. A King would be buried with an intricate mask made of gold, and precious stones. Others would be buried with tools, food, and amulets to…

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