The Discovery Of Abundant Natural Resources Essay example

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Although the discovery of abundant natural resources and fertile land in the South might lead many dwellers of early America to think that they have a prosperous path ahead of them, tasks are not as easily accomplished as they are thought to be due to a number of issues that surfaced as Americans begin to form and put together an effective system to transform these raw materials into usable products. As slavery became a condemning issue, several main groups and political parties such as the Fire-eaters, Free-soilers, Abolitionists and supporters of popular sovereignty formed and fought for what they thought was suitable for the country, to either allow, limit, or abolish slavery.
Fire-eaters, also known as proslaveryites from the South, were keen on maintaining the practice of slavery because they felt that the economy would collapse without it. Without slavery, there would not be a large enough workforce to support the harvesting of raw materials, thus failing to satisfy demands by limiting production rates. One of the main goals of the Fire-eaters were to separate from the North, also known as the Union, because each side has extremely different views on slavery. The South can only rely on slavery to flourish, but the North is full of factories and has efficient machinery as well as abolitionists, therefore persuading the South to abolish slavery altogether. Additionally, they felt that the policies instituted by the federal government, such as unreasonably high tariffs,…

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