Essay on The Discovery Of Abu Simbel

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Abu Simbel Antediluvian resourcefulness has forever been a fascination of mine. With this in mind, the notion that so much picturesque structural design can be accomplished with shear manpower, ancient engineering, and primitive apparatuses is amazing. I have found that Abu Simbel Temple is emphatically one such a location. Dissimilar to Mount Rushmore, the ancient Egyptians had only bronze and copper saws and drills to complete their edifices. This temple necessitated the utilization of twenty to twenty-five thousand individuals however it only took about 15 to 20 years to complete. Mount Rushmore was completed in 14 years however those engineers used dynamite and power drills. Needless to say, the ancient Egyptians were astonishing to say the least.
Abu Simbel is in reality comprised of two temples, The Great Temple and The Small Temple. It was carved out of solid rock on the side of a mountain around 1257 BCE on the west bank of the Nile. The Great Temple measures 98 feet tall and 115 feet wide with four seated representations of Ramesses II representing the pharaohs advancing age. Each one stands in the region of 67 feet tall. There are two on each side of the entrance the youngest depiction to the far left which are Heka-tawi and Re-en-hekaw and the eldest to the right, known as Meri-Amun and Meri-Atum. The second depiction however, has lost its head and torso many years ago even though no one knows the exact date. The remnants can be seen lying at the feet of the…

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