The Discovery Of A New Discovery Essay

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A new discovery was released in 2016, when a bulldozer operator in northwestern Oklahoma uncovered a Columbian Mammoth skull. Mammoths lived during the Paleolithic Era beginning 2.6 million years ago until roughly 10,000 YBP. This time period was also known as the Pleistocene Epoch, which was later followed by the current stage we live in today, the Holocene Epoch. According to the sixth threshold, 200,000 years ago mammoths were hunted by neanderthals, (early homo sapiens), which were used as food and tools for survival. Tusks and bones from the large animal were made into hunting supplies and carving tools for neanderthals to engage in symbolic language and collective learning. These early homo sapiens used the tools made from mammoth remains to carve pictures into caves as a symbol of culture or strategy.
Climate change was also a large factor when it came to the mammoth population. For the past 700,000 years Earth’s climate has fluctuated with ice ages occurring about every 100,000 years with short warm spells or “interglacials” of about 10,000 years between them. Mammoths were able to migrate from Africa to around 6.7 million years ago and stay for about 4 million years before moving up into Southern Europe. But because the mammoth lived in the Arctic, many remains of the species have been found preserved in the permafrost. Mammoths survived in the climate until nearly 1650 BC before they became extinct. Scientists say the extinction of the mammoths was a combination…

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