The Discourse Of A Discourse Community Essays

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It has been proven that for age’s, individuals have had a tendency to form groups or to communicate with those who share the same views, abilities, and language as them. A discourse community is typically described as a group of people with similar goals, customs, and experiences. A person may belong to multiple communities and may very well overlap. I belong to four main discourse communities: Hampton University Student body, McDonald’s crew member, Social media, and Family. Each one of these different communities contain different vocabulary , specialized language, purposes for writing , genres , guidelines , rules, audiences, and steps to join . To become part of the “Hampton University Student Body” discourse community one must first fufill the requirements set by the school: Obtain a high school diploma, have taken placement exams, and applied for admissions. The audience within this specific community would be the professors, administration, and other students. When writing to the audience it’s very important to remember to speak formally, respectful and professional, as well with proper grammar. The purpose for writing would be to show the student comprehends the information taught in a particular class, or sending emails with questions regarding what we learned. Genres would include research papers, narratives, note-taking, and speeches. Media used would include and blackboard and our Hampton emails. Examples of guidelines and rules a student must follow includes:…

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