Essay on The Discourse Of A Discourse Community

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Discourse communities are the group of people who can communicate with each other. They may have the same topic, the similar interests, or the same culture. People may use the right language and the similar beliefs so they can be recognized in a discourse community. The writer of “literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics: Introduction” named James Paul Gee, he argues that “we must write and say the right thing in the right way while playing the right social role and to hold the right values, beliefs, and attitude” (484). People should have the right identity on the suitable places. For example, people in the basketball teams may have different roles in the game: Center, forward and point guard. In my observation, center need to be tall because they need to take interior shots. Forward should be able to attack and point guard should be good at pass the ball and observation the motion of team members. Basketball players who have those abilities can be put in the suitable positions to help their team win in the game. Discourse communities have a lot of requirements for people to get into, people can learn different abilities on different discourse community. In other word, a discourse community may be a way for people to get into another discourse communities. One of the discourse communities at the University of Oklahoma is CESL, it is the short name of the Center for language as a Second Language which helps International students to learn English before they entering into the…

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