The Discourse Community Of My High School Jazz Essay examples

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In the few class discussions we have had in English 1301, the focus has primarily been on the importance of making readers care about what we say in our writing. In order to make the reader care about the writing, the writer must display both extensive knowledge and efficient use of rhetorical skills. Appeals to an audience through the use of ethos, logos, and pathos, allow a writer to impact the audience in whatever manner necessary in order to gain some sort of credibility. In the classroom, we have also discussed the importance of communication in a discourse community. I will prove I successfully joined the discourse community of my high school jazz band as a saxophonist through the use of ethos, logos, and pathos appeals. This essay is significant because it will give the reader an opportunity to learn more about a community they may not be a part of and an opportunity to learn more about me. In order to join a discourse community of any kind, one must have an understanding of how those in said community communicate, what knowledge they share, and how they think. In the music world, knowing how to read notes, rhythms, the meanings of various markings on the music, the basic fundamentals of an instrument, and many other general ideas about music are the essential things needed to successfully join a music-based discourse community. However, the knowledge needed in the realm of jazz is approximately triple the knowledge needed in the realm of traditional classical…

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