The Disastrous Influences Of Social Media Essay example

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The Disastrous Influences of Social Media
In the duration of time that it takes you to read this paper, there will be thirty-eight successful suicides world-wide (according to figures provided by Luxton). Over the past decade, there has been uprising questions and debates that question if excessive use of social media contributes to addictive behaviors, violence and mental health issues. With ninety-four percent of teenagers using the internet every day, studies show links between social networking and these potential consequences (“Social Media’s Influence on Teen Drug Use”). With overall research and first-hand experience, it’s easy to see that once a person becomes involved with social media, they have a higher risk to addictive behaviors, violence, and mental health issues.
The connection of social media and addictive behaviors have a few factors that come into play. The first factor that surfaces is the basic addiction to social media itself. Which is followed by substance abuse- which includes drug and alcohol addiction. Social media alone is highly addictive. In a survey of 253 undergraduates, they had reported spending an average of 148.83 minutes on the internet each day (Hackethal). Emma Stein, researcher of mental health issues stated, “Social media is addictive and can be absolutely lethal” (Stein). It isn’t uncommon for someone to wake up and have an unhealthy craving for social media.
Some argue that addictive behaviors cannot be traced down to social media…

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