The Disaster Of Chernobyl Disaster Essay

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Disasters include a variety of elements, and the extent of time a disaster occurs can range from an hourly disturbance to days or even years of ongoing recovery. Disasters are most commonly classified as either a natural or technological hazard and can impact a relatively small community or even have worldwide effects. In April of 1986, Ukraine experienced one of the world’s largest technological disasters that has since proved to be an ongoing effort to reduce hazards associated with the incident. The nuclear power plant, Chernobyl was undergoing safety testing when one of the reactors was compromised releasing radioactive particles into the atmosphere. The disaster at Chernobyl has since raised many concerns such as what caused the release of radiation, what prevention measures were taken, if response efforts have been suffice, ongoing recovery, and aid for the community. Effective mitigation techniques can significantly reduce the amount of damage that occurs along with the proper protocol for recovering from a disaster.
Chernobyl was the only nuclear disaster in history to cause radiation related deaths. The accident destroyed reactor four, releasing approximately five percent of the radioactive core and killed more than thirty people in the few weeks afterward, along with causing acute radiation sickness in approximately one hundred and thirty more people. Chernobyl was a nuclear power plant consisting of four reactors that were built from 1970 to 1983. On April 26,…

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