The Disadvantages Of Using Technology Essay

735 Words Dec 9th, 2015 3 Pages
In every culture everywhere in the world most people use technology in their life to help them solve problems easily. Of course, using technology is a new way to learn in modern life. People can know more information expediently. Even some students use technology in class to take notes and browse website which related to the class. But every coins have two sides, using technology in learning also have some disadvantages. These negative effect not only can affect learning efficiency, but also give people a bad influence in brain. Inability to focus, inability to form neural connections and addiction are three disadvantages of using technology to learn.
Inability to focus is the first disadvantage of using technology to learn. Sometimes, people who are multitasking can not find some important information from a trivial affairs. Using technology will disperse their attention. In the experiment from Stanford University, the researchers gave diverse cognitive tests to 49 people who are heavy multitaskers and 52 people who are not. They found that heavy multitaskers had the inability to distinguish between what is important and what is not. Also, they were easier distracted than others. The more serious thing is that they can not control their concentration when they need to focus (Carr, 2010, para.8). Using technology to learn will lead to multitasking . Because when people use technology to learn, they should both pay attention to their work and computer screen. It will disperse…

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