The Disadvantages Of Texting

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Register to read the introduction… Texting allows more convenience because it is a faster way to get in touch with someone. There are a lot of people who will not even call on their phones, but will respond to a text immediately. Texting is more private. When a person is in a public place, he or she will not disturb others and no one would know what his or her conversation is about. An individual can also send a picture through a text. For example, instead of describing an item over the phone, a person can send a picture. We can see many useful things that texting bring to us. While texting, we can think clearly before we intend to say something. Once a person says something while on the phone, it is out in the open and he or she cannot take it back. While texting give us some time to consider carefully before saying what we think. This can cause less drama and fights. It is also more difficult to start a conversation by calling every time. Sometimes, texting will be good for explaining or saying …show more content…
Unlike people who do have unlimited texting they will most likely communicate by sending text messages back and forth. This gives an advantage to calling someone because you don’t have use cell phone data, you can use a landline to call someone. Texting has that restriction where if you have limited texting you have be aware of how much you are texting. Unlike calling, texting can’t be done by using a landline telephone. If you don’t have a cell phone you can’t text however, if you have a landline, you can call whenever someone whenever you want. Calling has a greater convenience level than texting because it can be done without a cell phone. In addition, throughout cities there are pay phones and not stations to text someone, so calling is more convenient and is the way to go. Also, this helps with emergencies, if you don’t have a cell phone on you, you can use a pay phone. This proves even more that calling is far greater than

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