The Disadvantages Of Socialization: Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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Globalization is a key process that is occurring as a result of modernization, which has transformed our lives. It has brought both advantages and disadvantages to the world economy. Our lives have become more sophisticated and rapid. As the economies grow, so does the class gap and as a result of this, people are favored over the others. We see the idea of Social Darwinism repeat itself throughout history. This idea has propelled the world to progress toward the growing divide of the world citizen. While the rich bourgeoisie enjoy lavish lifestyle, the poor are forced to feed on minimum wage. “Globalization not only increases individual freedom, but also revitalizes cultures and cultural artifacts through foreign influences, technologies, and markets.” (1097). One example of the benefits of globalization is economic growth, many people have access to more resources. Factories have become more efficient and can operate in a wider market, companies have access to a broader array of consumers. Also, businesses have found ways to produce products efficiently and at a …show more content…
In reality, globalization has brought new methods of exploitation as well. These methods ensure that some products can be produced in large quantities while spending less on material and labor. However, this has led to the exploitation of many workers, those who are labeled “cheap labor”. “some workers reported having to do veladas [all-nighters] once or twice a week. Employees often stayed longer without pay if they did not finish high production goals.” (1103). Most of these workers are women. They are required to work long hours with no breaks, meals, and at times without pay. The conditions in which these people have to work in are horrid. Typically, the sweatshops are humid and unsanitary. Diseases spread quickly as a consequence of this, making workers sick and unable to meet

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