The Disadvantage Facing The Young Person Essay

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What is the nature of the disadvantage facing the young person?
On 3 November, 2007 Ebony died from chronic starvation and neglect, weighing at just 9 kilograms. She was imprisoned in her own bedroom by her parents BW (father) and SW (mother) during a 20 month period, breaching article 27 of CROCs that every child has a right to a standard of living adequate for the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development. Dr Kasinathan Nadesan, a forensic pathologist performed an examination of Ebony’s body in which he found out that Ebony’s lungs were quite pink and clean. This indicated that she had no exposure to the outdoors which breached article 31 of CROCs that a child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities. Ebony’s accessibility to the most basic human rights were taken away from her. She never attended school apart from a brief six months at a preschool. Her right to an education was not accessible for her which breached CROCs article 28 and article 6 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that every child has the right to education.

2. Describe the legal responses to this issue.
Ebony’s mother, SW was convicted of murder under the Crimes Act 1900 her sentence was reduced to 30 years minimum with a maximum of 40. However, BW was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 16 years imprisonment with non parole period of 12 years
The reason why BW received a sentence of manslaughter was because…

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