Essay about The Dirty Truth About Pornography

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The Dirty Truth about Pornography In the 21st century, people have access to so many things via the internet that past generations wished they had available. The distance from Los Angeles to Miami or what year Thomas Jefferson was born is now just a click away, but the internet also permits bullying, scams, and pornographic content. Pornography has caused a division for those who are for it and those who are not. Throughout the years, there has been a change in the viewing of pornography. Before, anyone who was interested in watching pornography would have to go to an adult video store to rent or purchase this content. Now through the internet anyone, no matter how young, has access to pornography. Though some may argue that pornography is convenient and beneficial, there are obvious downsides to this issue. Authors Thornburgh and Lin observe that “even the most graphic of these images can find their way onto children’s computer screens without being actively sought” (Lin,Thornburgh). The viewing of pornography should not be legal, due to the possibility of addiction, the anonymity that pornography allows, and the amount of child pornography available to the viewers.
Using things in excessive amounts cause harm to people; something as simple as drinking water in abundance can hurt someone. Though water and pornography vary in many ways, they can both damage the human body if used in excess. Watching pornography regularly has shown to have negative neurological effects on…

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