Mercy Oedipus Warren Character Analysis Essay

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According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the word dilemma is defined as “a situation involving an undesirable or unpleasant choice” (p. 350). I’m sure all of us have had to make, what seemed like at the time, difficult choices, but most of us haven’t truly faced any serious dilemmas in our lifetimes. Mercy Otis Warren certainly faced one long ongoing dilemma in her life, making her an exception to this general way of thinking. Mercy was a woman living in a man’s world. She was a political writer and historian during the American Revolution, a time in which women were expected to be subordinate to men and their reigning presence over them.
What separated Mercy from the typical woman during this time was the way the men in her life treated
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Before their friendship, John just saw Mercy as James Warren’s wife and nothing more. Once John came to realize Mercy’s tremendous writing abilities, he requested that she write a poem on the Boston Tea Party and began separate correspondence with her. John became her mentor and her second biggest supporter. After James retired from government service and vocally opposed the Constitution, the relationship between the Warrens and Adamses was on the rocks. John was suspicious of their loyalty and patriotism, so the friendship between the two families fell apart. The correspondence and friendship between Mercy and John didn’t start back up until three years after James passed away. There is no doubt that Mercy’s relationship with John Adams provided her with the greatest amount of critique and passion for her political writings.
Despite being a woman living in a man’s world, Mercy Otis Warren made the absolute best in her situation. Her History of the American Revolution was published in 1805 and was one of the earliest and most accurate histories of the independence movement (Zagarri, p. 162). Mercy was able to defy what was expected of her and become the first female American

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