The Dilemma Of Today 's Culture Essay

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The Dilemma of Today’s Culture
Turn on the TV and guaranteed there will be hundreds of shows on entertainment. The variety is endless relating to reality TV, idol shows, and singing or dancing competitions that can be scrolled from any network. Viewers are fascinated by such programs that give a chance to ordinary people at making it to the big screen and to become a celebrity. Author of various books and writer of “A Nation of Idol-Worshippers”, Terry Golway analyzes the growing popularity of pop culture resulting from television shows like American Idol. He states his viewpoint on how the issue has reached a growing seriousness in children and adults and how it is affecting today’s society negatively. A phenomenon has swept across America in the growing influence of pop culture throughout the past two decades. Golway examines this trend as an issue that is putting a havoc on children’s minds that is largely due to television shows such as American Idol. TV shows that are based on singing competitions have even led to byproduct shows such as America’s got Talent. Children and adults are so immersed in these shows that it gives them a false perception that fame and stardom are what should be achieved. Golway notes that this obsession has gone too far as he says “The culture no longer recognizes this work as worthy of aspiration” (526). The value of professions such as engineers, scientists and doctors are not up the caliber to children compared to being a “star” or…

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