The Dilemma Of The Euthyphro 's Dilemma Essay

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Within this paper, I will defend a side of the Euthyphro’s Dilemma. A classic question that is directed towards religious people and beliefs, that asks where is the source of morality? Is something moral because God commands it or does God commands something moral because it is good? I believe what is morally good is for a fact of God commands it to be so; anything may be considered moral, but we as humans don’t have the power to decide whether something is moral or not. Thus giving sovereignty and acknowledgement of his divine command which is the foundation of morality. The standard of morality can’t be external, nor does God appeal to a higher authority. God is the omnipotent higher being and it is his nature to be good, creator and the source of all things good and it is through him morality coexists simplicity of his divine power. Morality is God’s nature and it is part of him to be the all-powerful infinite God that commands what is good. To follow what I am going to convey, being a monotheist and faithful believer of Christianity, God is perceived as being divine and holy. Those who live without him project morality as a human convention which is impossible. Man does not possess divine power to declare what is moral. It is our duty to fulfill what God commands. For he is so powerful and gracious that it is wrong to question his power, for he creates and destroys. Therefore he declares the Ten Commandments as expressed to us in a form of is power that portrays his…

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