Essay on The Digital Revolution And Its Effect On Society

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The digital revolution began with the invention of personal computers and the development of the Internet. Technology evolved from a luxury item where only the rich could only afford to a common tool being used everyday. In the early 2000s increased use of smartphones had many various affects on society, which is known as the “Smart Revolution”. Smartphones now have the capabilities of basically a computer, MP3/Video Player and a majority of other forms of modern technology. Even though the use and functionality of smartphones has made daily life extremely more convenient, there has been adverse effects mainly being a dependence on cell phones.
Approximately 95% of all the nations in the world have a form of a mobile phone network. Youths in this day and age are considered as digital natives who are the first generations to grow up surrounded by high-tech technology allowing adolescents to become highly receptive to new media. New technology such as smartphones have various attributes which contribute its appeal to people especially the youth. According to the article written by Choliz, smartphones allow for teenagers to be self-sufficient in society being a tool to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships with peers and as a tool to make day-to-day activities. The more advanced the technology is included within smartphones, the more people will develop a reliance to them. Teens mainly used their smartphones for entertainment using their camera, music and etc.…

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