The Digital Of Digital Composites Essay

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1. introduction
Digital composites will “take images from a variety of different sources and combine them in such a way that they appear to have been shot at the same time, under the same lighting conditions, with the same camera” (Wright, 1) To do this, one must have a comprehensive understanding of numerous technologies used in order to emulate this environment in perfect harmony with reality. Steve Write states there are three ways in which you can succeed as a digital artist, through “the art, the tools and technique” (Wright, 1). This can be applied to a varying range of visual narrative effects, one of them including matte painting. Matte painting, one of the longest standing forms of visual effects, is a traditionally 2D scene created to enhance or further extend a visual image or composite. The art form itself has been seen since the early 1800’s. Examples such as George Melies, “1898 film Un Homme de Têtes – Four Heads Are Better Than One” (Rocketstock). It has critical importance in western cinema, especially today. Through various categories of focus this paper will provide an all-encompassing understanding of the art form to enhance one’s understanding of another step in the pipeline of digital composites.

2. Foundations of Art
Beginning with the fundamentals of conventional art, we begin to look at what makes something a painting. Using pigments traditionally made from natural products, a mix of water and a canvas allow the artist to create paintings. “A…

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