Essay on The Difficulty Of College Courses

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The difficulty of college courses can vary depending on the level of the course. Course levels are listed in numerals, so lower levels are one hundred to two hundred and upper levels being three hundred to four hundred. The lower levels are commonly occupied by underclassmen students and upper levels are taken by upperclassmen. Based on my experiences in lower level courses, I believe that what happens in an upper level course is a little different than a lower level course. What observations can I make after studying what happens in an upper level course? And what have I learned as a result?
I chose to research Professor Parsons international business (BA362) course, considering that I will be majoring in business administration. To observe what happened in the course I gathered the required tools needed to accumulate the best information, such as a computer, paper, and pencil. First, I examined the perimeter of the classroom to see how things were set up and how other students would respond to this. Furthermore, I used my smell to check the essence of the classroom and whether that would make the students less or more comfortable. Secondly, I searched the room for tools the professor used to teach the course and see how that would affect her teaching style. Next, I noticed the huge difference in numbers between the males and females, along with their interactions and activities among each other throughout the course. Then, I paid very close attention at the…

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