The Differential Mechanisms Linking Servant Leadership And Transformational Leadership

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Leadership Behavior
Van Dierendonck, D., Stam, D., Boersma, P., De Windt, N., & Alkema, J. (2014). “Same difference? Exploring the differential mechanisms linking servant leadership and transformational leadership to follower outcomes.” The Leadership Quarterly, 25(3), 544-562. doi:10.1016/j.leaqua.2013.11.014

Van Dierendonck, Stam, Boersma, Windt, and Alkema (2014) provide insights into a different mediating mechanism and examine environmental uncertainty as a moderator of the effects of servant leadership and transformational leadership. Van Direndonck et al. based results of two sample experimental studies and one field study, and concluded that both servant and transformational leaderships do relate to organizational commitment and work engagement. Contrary, the manner in which the theories exerted their influences differed. Uniquely, I would like to retain this part of the study for my thesis; servant leadership worked primarily through follower need satisfaction, whereas transformational leadership worked mainly through perceived leadership effectiveness. The authors conclude that moderating influence of uncertainty is inconsistent across the studies.

Jiaxin, H., Lin, W., & Jun, X. (2014). “Leader-member exchange and organizational citizenship behavior: The roles of identification with leader and leader 's reputation. Social Behavior &…

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