The Different Types Of Media Theory And How The Media Has Affected The Chosen Industry

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This assignment is going to look at the different types of media theory and how the media has affected the chosen industry and how the trends are set, either in a positive or negative way. It will critically analyse the different types of trends and the diverse types of media used to display them. The chosen sector of events which will be focused on is the wedding planning industry as it’s one of the largest life stage events with “240,854 marriages in 2013” alone (ONS, 2016).

“Countries across the globe commemorate the institution of marriage with a ceremony commonly referred to as a wedding” (Daniels and Loveless, 2007, p.3). Weddings are the only ritual that is consistent across many cultures/religions “and found in almost every society” (Buckley, 2015, p.13). The wedding industry makes thousands of pounds every year, with the bride and groom spending vast amounts of money on their ideal wedding day, this leads to the belief that a wedding day “holds a great deal of personal, cultural, and social significance” (Buckley, 2015, p.13). There are very few life stage events that are so traditional and culturally bound as a wedding ceremony “with heritage, history, symbolism, and superstition playing important roles in the options that are debated” (Daniels and Loveless, 2007, p.3).

Over the years the wedding industry has been widely influenced by the changes in the “globalization, technology, the media, economic development, law, changing sex-role dynamics” and many more…

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