The Different Types Of Beer Essay

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I’m going to have to define the many different varieties of beer to put them in either of the two categories. I will be leaving out some types of beer if they fail to fit into one of the categories properly. In the category of light beer I will include: Belgian Wheat Ales, Hefeweizen, American Wheat Ales, Pilsners, American Standard Beers (Budweiser, Coors Original, etc.), and American Light Beers (Bud Light, Coors Light, etc.). In the category of dark beer I will include: Brown Ales and Nut Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts, and German Bocks. I have left out most Amber beers, Pale Ales, IPA’s, Oktoberfest beers, and other seasonal brews for this discussion because they are either in between light and dark in terms of color and body or they have other unique characteristics that fall into neither camp.
The most important characteristics that will divide the beers are color, body, and flavor. The color of the beer describes what you can see. Light beers tend to range from light orange or amber to almost pure white, while dark beers start from a deep amber in color and end up in opaque black. The body of a beer will vary from light to medium to heavy. Light beers tend to be lighter in body while dark beers tend to be heavier. This will affect how easy it is to drink a particular beer and how filling it will ultimately be. Meanwhile, beers can be flavored with hops or malt and can be bitter or sweet. The composition of the beers ingredients and the method it is fermented will usually…

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