The Different Theories Of Personality Essay

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Through the different theories of personality, one can come to better understand who they are as an individual, and how they got to their current state. Personality is a complex variable which factors into our daily life. Personality has personally shaped us all as individuals, and will continue to be an apparent factor in our daily lives. Through the study of personality, we can better understand ourselves and our community. In this paper I will reflect on my own childhood experiences, the ways in which they shaped me, and the theory I find most relevant.
I grew up in a wonderful family, in the ideal community. I was raised by two parents, my mother and father, who were very much in love. I also had an older brother who is seven years older than me, and an older sister who is five years older than me. I have always heard how individuals who are the youngest get “spoiled,” but as for me, I felt the opposite. Being the youngest, my parents had been through almost every possible scenario before, so their rules if anything, were stricter. I was their baby girl, so they were over protective of me during my adolescent years. My sister and I never really got along and I always bonded with my big brother Brian. I looked up to him, and he always made a point to include me, even if he was just playing video games. My sister on the other hand, often poked jokes at me and we bickered a substantial amount. My parents owned a company together so our family was together a lot, and were…

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