The Different Emotions Of Men And Divorce

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Throughout decades, it has been that men only hear what they want to. Women go on and on about how their day went. All women do is cry and eat their feelings away. Men are just stuck up and that they are too tough to cry. My research paper will put those myths away. My thesis statement is Men and Women have been having the same emotions since the dawn of feelings.
Marriage is the key goal in a relationship because you want to be with the person you love with all your heart for the rest of your life. According to most women, their wedding day is their dream. That they what want everything to be perfect from the moment they start planning to the end of their honeymoon. Men are in fact the one who is most excited because they get to marry their
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Men think about food on their wedding, and what type of food they are serving. Men think about how much it will cost. They do fantasize about their vows and what they will say. They are more excited about proposing then their wedding day (Hillian).
Divorce is what ends there perfect marriages by fighting, financial problems, and cheating. Women are the ones who suffer more financially. Even though men are mentally affected by divorce, examples are depression, thoughts are suicide, etc. (pg 3 of men and divorce (website) Women in divorce typically gets the kids. Men don 't typically move on either, they wait for almost a year before they move on. (pg 5 of men and divorce. )It’s easier for men to battle over hard cash than on an emotional level. Men don’t do emotions. It’s too psychobabble for us, so money becomes the catch-all for everything men feel and all the anger they have at how badly they feel they have been treated by their ex-wives, the courts ( Cavendish). Dating is different for everyone. Each couple goes through different situations. Most people say that women are the bossy ones in the relationship because women want a boyfriend who listens, says what is on their mind, that can talk one on one with
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When a boy breaks up with his girlfriend it 's because he is wasn 't loyal. When a girl breaks it off it is because he wasn’t always with her. A research paper that found by (Rosenfeld) state that girls are more likely to break up first because this is more of a learning experience for them. It even happens in same-sex relationship, when it is both male the one who leaves first the famine one . Most relationships end because one of the partners isn’t ready to commit or both of them aren’t. Another reason why a relationship might end because the girl gets pregnant and the father of the child wants

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