The Different Causes And Effects Of Child Abuse

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Some people do not really even understand what child abuse is when they do it. Well, child abuse is when a parent punishes their child to a whole different level. There is more than one type of abuse. There is actually a lot of different types of abuse, but the three that I am going to talk about are emotional, physical and mental. Emotional abuse is ongoing psychological damage. This type includes things like public humiliation, name-calling, threatening, emotional neglect, and criticizing. Some of the signs for this are continuous complaints about a stomach ache, bedwetting, headaches, nausea, depression, even OCD is a sign of emotionally abused victims. Physical abuse is deliberate physical force which include severe punishments like hitting, …show more content…
It is a systematic type of abuse which means that it is a consistent destruction in a child’s life. Children that are emotionally abused grow up thinking that they are deficient in some way. This is a continuing act, when these children have children, they may continue the cycle with their children (American Humane Association). Children that have an emotional scar on them, do not forget what happened to them as a child. They hold the pain inside and it does not go away, which is why it is the most damaging.
An example story that I found for emotional abuse, is about a girl named Nancy. Nancy suffered an abusive marriage for 15 years. In this story, Nancy talked about how emotional abuse was the most damaging and insidious than other abuses. She said that that the words and mannerisms that he did and said cause her a lot of pain in her very soul. Nancy could no longer look at his presence because he eroded her self- confidence and her self – worth.
Her abuser never took blame for his own actions, he blamed her for everything. Which is normal for people that are the abuser in a relationship, they never want to feel like it is their fault so they put the blame on someone else. From being in this relationship, Nancy learned that living
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This can cause poor health on many survivors including chronic conditions like heart disease or gastrointestinal disorders. If a person knows or thinks that someone is in an abusive relationship, the best thing that the person can do for them, is get them out of the relationship and into a safe place to get them help. Domestic violence is an abuse that happens when you are in a relationship. Domestic violence can lead up to causing the victim to have low

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