Child Abuse Speech

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Some people do not really even understand what child abuse is when they do it. Well, child abuse is when a parent punishes their child to a whole different level. There is more than one type of abuse. There is actually a lot of different types of abuse, but the three that I am going to talk about are emotional, physical and mental. Emotional abuse is ongoing psychological damage. This type includes things like public humiliation, name-calling, threatening, emotional neglect, and criticizing. Some of the signs for this are continuous complaints about a stomach ache, bedwetting, headaches, nausea, depression, even OCD is a sign of emotionally abused victims. Physical abuse is deliberate physical force which include severe punishments like hitting, …show more content…
However, it mainly happen sin hetero-sexual and in same- sex couples. Even though men can be the victim of domestic violence, it is mainly the women that is the victim. Women are the abusers normally do it verbally and emotionally, but sometimes can do it physically as well (Smith and Segal, Domestic Violence and Abuse).
Domestic violence does have a cycle of abuse. The first step of the cycle is of course, the abuse. This abuse is when the abuser in the relationship lashes out at the other partner with aggression, belittling, and violent behavior. This is the step that shows who is the boss in the relationship. The next part of the cycle is Guilt. This is when the abuser feels guilt for maybe being caught and facing the consequences of his behavior, not when he feels guilty for actually abusing the person. Step three is excuses. This is when the abuser comes up with excuses for doing what he did to the victim, it could also be when the abuser blames the victim. The last three steps are Normal behavior, Fantasy and Planning, and Set-up. These three steps are when the abuser tries to make things up to the victim, and plans the next time he is going to abuse the victim (Smith and Segal, Domestic Violence and
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There are so many ways that domestic violence and abuse is wrong and can affect a child. Some people however, think it is not wrong.
There are some parents in this world that do believe that child abuse is not wrong. They think that if they do it, they are just punishing their children because they did something wrong, another thing that they would say is that their child deserved it. No child deserves to be punished in such a crucial way.
If a child is being naughty and the parent needs to punish them, then they can spank the children, but there is no reason that a parent should punish their kid in such a severe way that they bruise, bleed, and are scared of their parents and never want to do anything because they are scared of getting hit again. If someone sees this happening to a child, they need to help the child by turning the parents in and getting them help so that when they have children, it will not start the

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