Essay on The Different Aspects Of Marriage

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The distinct aspects of marriage in 2016 are identified and challenged. Throughout we have identified that there are flaws in the fairytale we thought we wanted to have. This important life step has the potential to be the best decision in life or the not so much. In “The Case for Marriage the authors interpret the definition, “Marriage is not only a private vow, it is a public act… When you marry, the public commitment you make changes the way you think about yourself… it changes how other people and other institutions treat you as well.” (Gallagher, 17) My intention was to display a definition that was inclusive to everyone. Especially in this millennial era there have been various social changes and discussions that have been brought to everyone’s attention. Before dissecting the details on what marriage entails today, it is critical to discuss what will never change and what will always be apart of the foundation of marriage. Society views a married individual as belonging or being apart of someone else. This can be tested in all types of marriages, having a possibility to generate the same emotions.
Doing Time Together focuses on a unique type of marriage, “I analyze three traditionally intimate occurrences, family meals, weddings, and spending the night together, in order to examine the contradictory emotional and institutional processes that complicate and reshape relationships during periods of incarceration…” (Comfort, 101) What is significant here is that not…

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