Vincent Van Gogh And Claude Monet Comparison

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Perhaps two of the most renowned artists ever to live were Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. These two artists, although said to be very different, have many similarities. They were born merely 13 years apart, putting them in the same time period. Although born and raised in the same time period the two artist lived similar lives growing up, but as they matured their lives changed and these different paths helped create the individual style of these painters. Both painters were introduced to painting and art at a young age, yet the two painters became famous artists at very different times in their life’s. Both Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh are inspirational artists who helped mold art into how we know it today. Both painters have different …show more content…
Both who were born into middle class families, strayed from the paths and ended up living their lives in the ways they believed they should. Poverty and illness may have tried to hold back both these artists, but they overcame their personal struggles in the same way, painting. Their styles of impressionism and postimpressionism although different, both styles show their life thought their eyes and how they want to portray it to the world. Although Claude Monet was recognized for his art during his lifetime, but Vincent van Gogh not being recognized until after his death does not mean that one artist is better than the other, their talents were just recognized at different times for their unique trait and abilities. These artists have been declared different in so many ways by so many people but in reality if you look closer Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet are actually very similar. These two artist have both put hard work, and dedication into something they love. Regardless the differences in their styles of art, or the way they became famous, these two artist both are truly amazing artists that should be recognized for their amazing contributions they have brought into the world of art. They should not be differentiated by their differences, but looked at as similar painters in the sense that they both made major contributions to art as we know it today. Perhaps two of the most renowned artists ever to live are Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. They have been declared to be very different artists, but are they really as different as you

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