The Differences Of The American Civil War

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THE CIVIL WAR The American civil war started in 1861-1865. This war was a bad thing and a good thing that happen during this war for example woman had the rights and how African American had the chance to be free and be like everyone else.But before I start telling what really happen I would like to tell you my opinion on the North and South . It was the bloodiest four years in American History It started when the confederate open fire on union-held fort in sumter in the south carolina 's charleston bay. In two days later Abraham Lincoln became president.On April 15 lincoln call for seventy five thousand volunteers to put down the southern rebellion.They made a move that prompted Virginia Tennessee arkansas And the North Carolina so they …show more content…
In conclusion the north and south had a lot of differences because the south wanted the way it was and didn’t want president lincoln a republican to be the president because he wanted to free the slaves. the north wanted everything to be normal like how every man is the same no matter what colored you are nothing could change that .
The north and south women were alike because they wasn’t allowed to work or do anything men do but stay and the housewife.During the war women opportunity do things like mens there were forced to finds way that could helps themselves and families economically.The profession that both of the north and south and african american women did was to be nurses they made woman to practice professional medicine. I believe that the north used Harriet Tubman to spy on the confederate soldiers . The american civil war brought black woman and white woman both the north and south . When the war ended women started to believe that if we can do anything they men can to .
Slavery changed from the north and south well it started when war ended in 1865 Abraham Lincoln wrote the 13th amendment saying slavery was illegal in the united states those words made the men happy because all of their misery is about to end .They had a reason to fight in the war it was to let people like the south to know that their are human just like them

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