The Differences Of Stories Of Sonny 's Blue By James Baldwin And The Excerpt Between The World And Me

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The differences of stories Does racism still exist today? Some people would say no, yet there is some certain people would say yes. This is because the people who say yes are considered themselves as minority group of people in the United States. Because of their skin color, they are treated differently, unfairly. In the story of “Sonny’s blue” by James Baldwin and the excerpt Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, both authors have addressed the social crisis for African American. Although the points that both authors indicate are very similar to each other, the environments that they focus on, the struggles they have experienced, and the fear they have faced are dissimilar due to the different time periods in both stories. The story “Sonny’s blues” was published in the 70s- during the civil rights movement. Meanwhile, the excerpt Between the World and Me are written in the modern day- 50 years after the civil rights movement. The first difference is the struggles. Both texts have described their struggles in the society, yet each one of texts defines their struggles differently. “Sonny’s blues” talks about the struggle of being African American who tries to escape from the traditional social order. For example, in the text, Sonny brother explained what had happened to Sonny. He said, “When he was about as old as the boys in my classes his face had been bright and open, there was a lot of copper in it; and he’d had wonderfully direct brown eyes, and great…

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