Difference Between Mental Illness And Western Culture

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Mental Illnesses can defined as a condition that has impacted many people and has affected their way of thinking, their behaviors and their ability to function in society. When we think about mental illness, society has a pre -conceive notion that many of these illness or what they like to call it psychological disorder, affect everyone but according to the text ,” there are no cross culturally universal standards for normal behavior or thinking,”(221). When look at the difference in culture it may vary because of the differences between them. We might see schizophrenic more dominant in North American but see it less in developed societies. Differences is what make many people defined what exactly an illness is, they question whether depression …show more content…
When it come to our lifestyles we somewhat reluctant but still we continue to buy over the courter prescriptions drugs just for a simple headache. We are to keep in mind that because of lack of exercise and healthy dieting would use any means necessary to buy a 40 dollar weight lost pill then to risk our intake of cholesterol or high fatty food. I think it all depend on the lifestyle of that individual because some may believe that going the natural route is better for them, but for other they may need that quick and easy fix. Some of these prescriptions are so unnecessary that we don’t realize it until it too late that we are now addicted to it. Because all medications comes with a warning label, warning us that if we take this pill here are the side effects. It like here the medication, I recommend you to take it, but I don’t recommend you to take it. Our benefit and health are just a small part of a bigger circle. We are the one driving millions of dollars into these corporation that believe medicine can cure anything so why not make more. The purpose of medicine is to heal and see result, not to see the negative impact that affects thousands of people every

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