The Differences Of Islam And Christianity, Christianity And Islam

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In the modern world, there are hundreds of different religions and people follow all the different religions. Two of the major religions that dominate the world are Christianity and Islam. According to Johnson, Christianity has 33.39 percent of the population declaring itself such. (Johnson, Christianity, 2013, para. 2) While 23 percent of the world’s population declare themselves as part of the Islamic religion (Johnson, Islam, 2013, para. 1). Three religions begin a monotheistic faith meaning that they believe in one God. These religions are Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Islam and Judaism are in constant turmoil in the Middle East, but throughout the world, Christians and Muslims believe they have the most differences between the religions. …show more content…
In the Islamic faith, there are a few major holidays. ‘Id al-Adha is one, and it means, the feast of sacrifice and it is held yearly after the annual pilgrimage of Hajj. It is a feast to memorialize when God provided Abraham a ram instead of the son he had been asked to sacrifice. Another festival is Id al-Fitr, which is a huge feast after Ramadan. Id al-Fitr is all about gift gifting and feasting. Finally, ever Muslim is supposed is go on a Hajj at least once in their lifetime. It is a pilgrimage to Mecca (Johnson, Islam, 2013, para. 47-51). In Christianity, a huge part of the religion is weekly worship, typically on Sunday mornings. Most churches include a reading from the Bible, some singing, and some include a Eucharist. Christians celebrate Jesus’s birthday on Christmas and his resurrection on Easter. Another significant rite in Christianity is Lent, which is a time for self-examination and fasting. The day before Lent is known as Fat Tuesday, followers eat things they will not eat during Lent and begins with Ash Wednesday. Typically, Lent ends before Easter and followers of Christianity eat bountifully on Easter (Johnson, Christianity, 2013, para. 44). Between these two religions, there is a celebration that is similar in each. They both have an extended period of fasting. In both faiths, they had a “mouthpiece” that had to go through many trials to deliver the word of God. Jesus and Mohammad both went through extended periods of fasting to become closer to God. In modern times, each religious followers do the same things, to feel closer to

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