Differences Between Greek And Roman Carthage

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Carthage almost as equal to Rome?

During the time Carthage battled with Rome, they both had some respects and similar kind of government as the Roman republic. According to Morey, William C. (1901) highlights that they had two chief magistrates also known as called “suffetes,” relating to the Roman consuls. The Carthage had a council of elders, known as the “hundred,” which we might compare to the Roman senate. They also had an assembly similar to the Roman comitia. But while the Carthaginian government had some outside differences to the Roman, it was in its spirit very different.
Carthage once a great power in the ancient world was one of the places where people wanted to live at, but Carthage did start out as a major power. The civilization
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They built them so they could be used as missiles that hit enemy ships and making them drown. The Carthage had so many of these ships they built their harbor able to hold 220 ships just for their Naval vessels. This ship were evolved from the Greek’s battle ships that used rowers to make the ship maneuver around and missiles. At the front of the ship, they had a bronze point able to penetrate the other ships at impact. This were call Quadrireme so for some time Carthage is most powerful power at sea because of Quadrireme, but When Rome found an abandon Quadrireme they quickly went to work, were they copy the ship in order to fight Carthage in the Punic war’s. During March 10 241 B.C. Rome and Carthage went to war at sea with equal amount on weapons technology, there the Roman Navy Won the battle and that Won the First Punic war and made Rome number one Naval in fighting. (.(Mark Cannon , 6 Nov 2006, Engineering an Empire: Carthage. The History Channel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HetYXwtCCho “13:50 - …show more content…
Also, that gives me idea that because Rome wants more and Carthage is in no need or intention for having more they lose Sicily in the first Punic war. Carthage had the capital and Military power but they had no idea how truly important the Island of Sicily really was until they lost it.
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