The Differences in Education Between China and America Essay

600 Words Nov 22nd, 2013 3 Pages
Meng Ling Jun
Professor Jami L.Josifek
14 March 2013
The Differences in Education between China and America A large number of students from China are planning to attend college in the America over the next five years. However, there are many differences in education between China and America. In fact, it is hard to be successful in American college. How the Chinese student to be successful, and what are the differences in education between two countries? I think there are three differences in education between China and America ways of studying was learning, and using different languages. First, there is a different way to study between China and America. In China, students study very hard every day because
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If Chinese student wants to be successful at an American college, they should do lots of research. Third, education in China and America was different language. English is learnt in high school, and it’s important in China High School Exam. However, the Chinese student is hard to catching everything in the class. Mostly, the Chinese student doesn’t understand what they learn it because their listening skill is poor. Furthermore, Chinese's student has the problem to explaining their idea and opinion. They maybe understand about 40%~60% what the teacher taught it in American college. The Chinese student needs to practice their language skill. When the American student studies major class, the Chinese student needed to spend more times to the vocabulary because their English is in the lower level. When you study a new language, it’s very hard. I have an American friend who wants to study business management. She took only two classes, but she droped this class immediately. She says that the business class was cold because no one wants to answer the teacher’s question, and most of the students come from China. Chinese's students maybe know how to answer the questions, but they couldn’t explain well, because their English is lower. If Chinese students want to be successful in the American college, they should learn English and speaking a lot. There are three differences between Chinese and American education,

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