The Differences Between Women And Women Essay

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American Women One Hundred Years Ago and American Women Today
Women one hundred years ago and women today have many interesting differences and similarities. Differences between them include lifestyle, relationships, and the increase of freedoms, and rights. Similarities about women then and now is their beautiful tenacity and determination to fight and strive for equality between themselves and men. Women are still struggling and pushing for certain rights and freedoms. Evidence of past successes in that field leave a strong possibility that even more positive changes for women’s rights are in the very close future.
Easily perceptible, the styles and standards of beauty and fashion of women have changed greatly over the years. Around 1916, women primarily wore dresses, whether it was sensible to or not. Women generally grew their hair out long and short hair was undignified. Women today have more freedom in style and fashion. Now, they choose how they want to dress; women can wear shorts, skirts, jeans, pants; whatever they want. They can now style their hair conveniently in different fashions. Women can choose to dress themselves appropriately for certain occasions.
In early nineteen hundred, women were discouraged from pursuing higher education because it was not seen as feminine. Society believed elite education was solely an opportunity for men. Now, men and women alike work for a higher education. Equality in education has led to females making up a significant…

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