The Differences Between Traditional Irish Dance And Indian Dance

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“It’s funny how Irish dance is your whole world, but so few know that this world exists.” This quote, once stated by an unknown author, is a fantastic example of Irish dance. Many people do not know what true Irish dance encompasses. This paper will discuss the similarities and differences of traditional Irish dance and competitive Irish dance, and elaborate upon what makes each dance unique. To develop a better understanding of Irish dance, one must realize how important Ireland history is.
There are not many real references to dance in early Ireland writing. The Neoliths and the Celts are recorded with the foundation of dance in Ireland. The Neoliths and the Celts possessed a love for musical instruments. The Neoliths are famous for their bells and trumpets. The Celts are famous for their harps and pipes. The relationship between music and dance is significant. This fact is no different for Ireland.
An essential point to know about Irish dance is the significance of a “Dance Master” or sometimes referred to as a “Traveling Dance Master” according to Catherine Smith. These dancers made tremendous contributions to Irish dancing as we know it. During the 18th century, the Dance Master appeared. Traveling around Ireland teaching the locals the art of Irish dance. These talented individuals are respected for spreading the Irish culture.
Traditional Irish dance can be divided into performance and social dances. The breakdown of traditional Irish dance into three forms is most…

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