The Differences Between The Writings Of Shakespeare And Present Time

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Shakespeare 's original birth has been lost over time, however, his accepted birth date has been set to April the 23, St George 's Day. (shakespeare-online n.d.) Since then many things have changed such as society, education, plays, and presentations. I am going to be exploring multiple ideas explored in this text compared to present time…
1. The views of nature
2. Citizens views of leaders (e.g. government, Kingdoms)
3. The treatment of women
This assignment is going to be looking over the differences in ideas, values and messages displayed between Macbeth and the present day.
Body 1- The Views on nature
In the period of Shakespeare, there are multiple references to nature, earth, and human activities, so what are the differences between the writings of Shakespeare, and present time?
In recent events many humanitarian issues have been presented in the news and media. For example, human impact on Rainforests, Land Conservation, and Coral Reefs. ( n.d.) This has broadcasted the effects that humans are currently having on nature. However, in the play of Macbeth, similar issues of human impacts on nature are visible. This brings into consideration a need to compare how humans have been affecting nature between present time and the times of Shakespeare.
In the book it is stated “A good and virtuous nature may recoil in an imperial charge" (4.3.19-20) what this depicts is Shakespeare implemented how human (imperial charge) can affect nature. Furthermore:…

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