The Differences Between The Books And The Women Of Heart Of Darkness

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Achebe states that in her ordinary life she “was a widow with two children” (Achebe 49). It is very interesting that he specifically refers to them in a way that would make the reader think of two very separate people. It shows the way the people of the Ibo culture think about the roles of women. They have normal everyday lives similar to the women of Heart of darkness but there are also specific roles that seem to be specific to women only, which have great importance to their culture. In Ibo culture women have another very important role to play in their gods. In the novel they refer to Ani the earth goddess and say that she “[plays] a greater part in the life of the people than any other deity” (Achebe 36). This is very different from the way that the white women are treated. In both books they did not have any such importance when it came to roles in their society. These points show the difference between the two books and the cultured depicted within them.
For most of human history men have had all of the status in society. The status that woman have had was completely dwarfed when compared to men. Although women have been gaining status in society over the years, the two novels shine light on the times in history when women had little or no status in their society. In modern Nigerian culture many women are still treated as if they are not able to supply for themselves. They are not allowed to do certain things unless they are with a man because of the continuing…

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