The Differences Between Rocks At Belle Ile And The Starry Night

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Influencing Perception The Differences between Rocks at Belle-Île, Port-Domois by Claude Monet and The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh are all the more striking when one accounts for their similarities. In this paper, we will examine both pieces by how they were made, their historical context, as well as they compare to each other. At the time of its creation Van Gogh is going through great emotional turmoil, having been institutionalized for cutting off his own ear and offering it to a prostitute, released, and then institutionalized again. It is believed that painting kept him emotionally stable, through later in his life his mind would deteriorate regardless. He painted Starry Night in the asylum 's gardens from several sketches and the memory of the view from his room 's eastward facing window, and was disappointed. Van Gogh wrote to his brother with concerns about his painting 's exaggerated composition and surrealistic style in despair, eventually calling the painting a failure. His brother Theo disagreed, noting the trends developing from artists such as Gauguin and Bernard. At his brother 's insisting, Van Gogh would send Starry Night to the 1889 exhibit in Brussels along with six other paintings, including Irises. In the 1880s some Impressionist painters were shifting focus from the focus on spontaneity to a more symbolic subject matter, it is this shift which garnered his work more favor in the public eye. Though he would not live to see his rise to fame Van…

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