The Differences Between Native Americans And Native American And English Settlers

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Jamestown, Virginia, an essential source of history about the United States in the early 1600’s. Pocahontas, a daughter of a powerful Indian leader, married an Englishman named John Rolfe and changed her name to Rebecca. She adopted English culture, and have a son together. Pocahontas brings peace between the English settlers and Powhatan confederation. In Kathleen Brown’s article, “Gender Frontier”, she underscores gender role and responsibility in both Native American and English settlers. Gender frontier is the meeting of two or more culturally specific system of knowledge about gender and nature. She also stresses the duties that they played in their societies prior to the arrival of the English people in the early colony in Virginia. Brown describes the difference values between Europeans and Native Americans in regards to what women and men should and should not do and the complex progression of identity development. Although some people understanding of gender identity is differentiated merely between masculinity and feminism, some historians believe gender frontier is a substantial approach of representing social practices, maintain the sense of superiority and identity of power between cultural differences.
Some historians argue, gender is a social class defined men’s and women’s role and position in society. Both Indian and English civilizations have critical social orders between males and females. However, Brown claims gender roles and identities were not only…

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