The Differences Between Men And Women Essay

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Jacob Deering
WOST 2350
Final Paper
Women in STEM

Why are there so few women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)? The number of women in STEM is growing, but men continue to outnumber women. This is especially true at the upper levels of these professions. In high, middle, and elementary school, boys and girls both take the same number of math and science courses. Also, the number of girls and boys prepared to pursue STEM majors in college are the same, but strangely fewer women than men pursue the majors. Among freshman college students, women are less likely to admit that they had intended to major in a STEM field. At graduation, men outnumber women in almost every science, technology, math, and engineering field. Women earn only 20 percent of bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields. The percentage declines even more when discussing graduate level students and declines even further in transition to the workplace. I will be investigating the differences between men and women in STEM careers by evaluating cognitive sex differences, workplace environment, bias and family responsibilities, and how to create interest and environments that support women in STEM. The notion that men are mathematically superior and innately better equipped for STEM fields than women remains a common idea, with numerous articles addressing cognitive sex differences as an explanation for the lack of women in STEM. The difference in average math scores between boys and girls no…

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