Essay on The Differences Between Men And Women

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If you think about it, men and women aren’t so different. Will we ever come to closure on our similarities? When you look at a man, you notice his physical appearance. If we look beyond physical appearance, both men and women are built the same way. Although some may believe in Man being on top, women can do anything a man can do. Over 1 billion years ago, sex evolved into single-cell organisms. One eukaryotic cell would come in contact with another eukaryotic cell and if that cell responded, they would open their nuclei and swap chromosomes. “Sex evolved because combining the DNA of two organisms promoted better genetic fitness than one organism’s DNA replicating itself over and over (a.k.a., genetic masturbation)” (Manson). Now almost all multi-celled organisms engage in sexual reproduction. Nearly every animal species end up with a male and female. 55 million years ago, we discovered the first primates. 22 million years ago, primates evolved. Sexual dimorphism, a phenotypic difference between males and females evolve differently in each ape. The greater the dimorphism, the greater difference in male and female sexual behavior. 200 Thousand Years ago the first humans were discovered. 150 thousand years ago, humans began to speak. Men and women could then communicate their thoughts and desires to each other. Then they begin to paint, sculpt, and make art. Some humans would paint their desires and this is how pornography was invented. Seven Thousand B.C. agriculture is…

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