The Differences Between Joy And Pleasure Essay

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Romantic relationships are one way that humans seek to satisfy their hunger for community. Our culture often presents romantic love as primarily a pleasurable sensation or feeling. Zadie Smith and Robert Solomon disagree with this account of romantic love. In “About Love” Solomon express love as a shared identity; which means a healthy partnership reinforce the self-esteem of each other, giving a total sensation of completeness and satisfaction that neither of them could obtain on their own. These partnerships participate in a common effort to give the best of each other and love represents a process of mutual superation. This way love is reciprocated, active and dynamic and it feeds from itself; love creates more love. In the other hand Zadie Smith in “Joy” discusses the differences between joy and pleasure. She emphasizes how different the quality and quantity of these emotions are and provides vivid examples of each. Zadie Smith makes an argument about an emotional experience in her essay. Most people believe joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure; which will mean that with pleasure joy is a guarantee. However, Smith disagrees with the majority who thinks that way. Smith conclude that joy is “a strange mixture of terror, pain and delight” which lasts briefly (Smith, 3) Many people confuse pleasure with joy. Smith defines pleasure as “small things going a long way” that affect you positively, but only momentarily (Smith ,1). Smith makes the argument that joy is…

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