The Differences Between Individual Psychology And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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This comparative paper explores the similarities and differences between individual psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. First, I will present a brief overview of two theories. An examination of the similarities and differences between the two theories as followed.
Individual Psychology (IP) According to the Adler (1992), humans are social by nature and he believes that individual’s personality is developed early in life. Adlerian theory holds a positive view of the human nature and believes that people are in control, and not victims of their fate. Adler’s theory focuses on inferiority feeling which he sees it as a normal condition and a source of striving motivation of all humans in their lifestyle. In Adlerian psychotherapy, clients are encouraged to overcome their feelings of inferiority, develop deeper feelings of connectedness, and to redirect their striving for significance into more socially beneficial directions, or social interest. Through a respectful Socratic dialogue, clients are challenged to correct mistaken assumptions, attitudes, behaviours, and feelings about themselves and the world. Thus, the central problem is that how the individual deals with these inferior feelings.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Beck 's cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that our behaviours and feelings are a result of our cognitive process and structures (Murdock, 2009). Specifically, client 's automatic thoughts, intermediate beliefs, and…

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