The Differences Between Human Behavior Essay

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True colors were created to explain the differences in human behavior, these behaviors are classified by four different groups; green, gold, blue and orange. I personally am classified as a dominantly green, but also orange personality type. This means that I am very determined, consistent, composed and intellectual but I am also creative, competitive and enjoy leadership opportunities. These four classified groups are very different however they still have similarities. With differences in personalities come conflicts over diversions in thought processes and ways of life. As a predominantly green personality type, I believe that I do arouse some conflict and questions in both my household and school life in the way that I carry myself and treat others. Firstly, I can be oblivious to others emotions’, being oblivious to emotions has been the leading cause of conflict between my sister and I. My sister is a blue characterized person, she values close relationships and at times I can be unaware of how my actions and what I say affect her emotionally, which can anger my sister because of her emotional and sympathetic nature. Secondly, “I am always in my room doing homework and focusing on school instead of spending time with my family, going outside and enjoying life” as my dad always says. My dad has an orange personality, so he enjoys the company of others and likes to be active and relax and enjoy life, he believes that I take school too seriously and should remember to…

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