Essay The Differences Between Human And Non Human Mentality

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Rene Descartes methods of meditation focuses on distinguishing the significant difference of the human mind, and how we can understand it through recognizing how neither animals nor machines don’t possess the human mind/rational. In effect Descartes distinguishes the human rational apart from non-humans, even though the two closely resemble each other through their senses organs. However, it is because the mechanical lacks a sufficient concept that makes it necessary to be on par with humans. Throughout Descartes “Discourse of Method,” he argues that the differences between humans and both non-humans, and Machines, they are only capable to respond to the external world through their physical senses rather mental. This significantly creates a dividing ‘line’ which separates the two. Furthermore, this paper will at first distinguish the difference between the human and non-human mentality in regards to Descartes “Discourse of Method”. Then in which I will theorize a modern AI that could possess the concept of a human mind. As well as theorizing a powerful AI that lacks the ability to understand its own of intelligence, rather it is simply an automaton that possess a data base of information which responds to inferences that comes into contact with it. Lastly, I will argue why I believe there are no such machines that could possess the fundamental ability to understand knowledge, rather they are merely entities that react to the world instead of acting with it.
The “Line”…

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