The Differences Between First Aid And Cpr Essay

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The differences between First Aid and CPR may be confusing to some people. In the case of an emergency it is helpful to know which method to use. The knowledge of both of these methods can help anyone even in a non-emergency. Both of these processes are critical and something that everybody should know the similarities and differences of. First Aid may just seem like a process used when there is an open wound. In actuality first aid is also used when someone has a stroke, seizure, or faints. There are many ways to respond to these types of medical emergencies. One technique that may be widely known is the Heimlich maneuver. This is used when someone is choking and cannot breathe. There are many ways to handle different situations, for example if there is an open wound on the arm there would be pressure applied to stop the bleeding. If there is an object protruding from the eye the rescuer just needs to put something over it and not pull out the object, until the victim can get to the hospital to have it removed. First Aid covers many areas. There is a lot of injuries that fall into the First Aid category. CPR is used when an individual suffers from heart related problems. CPR can be used in three different ways. There is a one person rescuer, two person rescuers, and last you can also use an AED. AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. While doing a one person rescue the rescuer uses chest compressions and ventilations. In a two person rescue one person does…

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